Friday, 9 May 2014

Final Film

poster improved



Draft Video

When choosing my characters i had to decid on defined faces to m ake my audience remember them. This included threatening faces and defined features so that my audience didnt get bored. The setting also included gritty ally ways to make sure that they remembered the initial meaning of the film. This must be kept the whole way throyugh because the initial meaning of the film is shown through the way in which my film has been created.

Costume Design

My characters had to look how i wanted them to, so i needed cars that only people my age would be able to afford and clothing you would expect to see them wearing at this day and age. and then when i was filming the older generation i included Hawaiian shirts and suites mainly black.

I had to make sure the boy and girl in the modern gang looked on point. So i used dark clothing but they included new brands such as 'puma' 'Adidas' and 'nike'.

But these brands were only shown in the close ups with the gritty street floors and dirty fences in the background. I think that these two perceptions in the she frame make a good setting. The difference between the two costumes from the new gang and the old gang is try visible as the old gang is only filmed inside a house where as the new film is filmed in a alleyway and a car patrolling the streets.